Sunday, October 11, 2009

Campy Cotton Candy Cake

The Campy Cotton Candy Coconut Cake
The easiest recipe ever! Bake a white cake as directed. I tinted my batter the lightest color pink. For filling: Mix 2 c. sugar with 2 c. sour cream and 1 bag of coconut together ( I tinted mine aqua - hence the cotton candy refrence ). Add one container of cool whip to about 1 c. of the filling mixture - this is what you will frost the top and sides of the cake with. Once the cake is cooled split the 2 layers so you have 4. Spread the filling in between the layers and then frost with the Cool Whip mixture! You're suppose to refrigerate this cake for 4 days!!!!!! I can't wait that long!!! But if you think you can hold out before you dig in - by all means do so! It mellows and makes the moistest cake on the planet!!!

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