Thursday, October 4, 2007

Quick Mississippi Mud Cake

Here's a quick dessert that makes a huge impression! Adapted from my friend in 6th grade Angela White's mom's recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake Brownies.
I change things up a bit and add or subtract according to what's in my pantry. This time I used:
Devils Food Cake Mix (Bake in a 13X9 as directed).Wait until it cools and then spread a jar of Marshmallow Creme over the top.Sprinkle with Coconut (Toasted if you like) and then I added a lot of Chopped Pecans on top of that! I had some left over Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips that I melted and added a scant amount of milk to make it thin. Drizzle the Chocolate over the top and thats it! The cake turned out really light and fluffy because I used "Smart Balance" oil. It's high in Omega Three Fatty Acids and good for you at the same time!